WISP consists of expert mixologists who come from different subject area backgrounds which mean our team possesses individuals with unique skill sets.

We do not only produce liquids and loosely use the term “premium” as nearly all e-liquid producers on the market seem to be doing. Instead here is what makes us both different and correctly within the remit of the “premium” definition.

Firstly, we are one of the very few companies to produce the same e-liquids in varying bases creating both a bespoke and almost customised variations for our clients.

This is not just so that our customers have options; there is a well-researched and rational explanation as to why we have opted to pursue this avenue.

This being that we have identified a gap in the market and it largely stems in the customer consultation or shall I say the lack of.

An alarming number of customers are unaware of what sort of device they are in need of and consequently end up purchasing the wrong liquids and having the worst vaping experience. Therefore, we have created a system where customers will receive the very best advice from specialists whether that be the nicotine strength they should be vaping at, the type of liquids they should be using and equally as importantly the device type we recommend.


What do we offer?

So when purchasing a liquid from WISP, you will find that there are two main variations. These are “max VG” and the other being “50/50”.

Max VG- if you are looking to vaping purely for the taste of flavour and the generation of thick clouds, then our max VG variants are the ones for you. They come in various nicotine strengths, but these liquids will be more viscous than its counterpart. Max VG also means there will be a smoothness felt on the throat when vaping which then allows you to really get an enhanced taste of our tasty liquids.

These are therefore best designed for Subohming vapes, which means those larger NON-pen devices which have larger tanks so that the coil can process the texture of our Max VG range.

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL)- if you are looking to quit smoking or just want something to accurately imitate a cigarette then this would be the best option for you. What this means is unlike sub Ohm vaping (where your primary aim is to taste flavour), with MTL the primary aim is to deliver a hit and ensure minimal smoke is produced. It is the Mono Propylene that provides this throat hit.

In addition, all our ingredients used in our liquids are gourmet which means we can guarantee our products are clean and do not contain any unaccounted chemicals.

We work with the best vegetable glycerine, mono propylene and nicotine on the market. We are proud to be the unique is sharing that we do not use any sugars/sweeteners in our juices I.e. sucralose.