The Rise of White Labelling: What is White Labelling and what are the pros and cons?


White Label lays claim to the process whereby a company, organisation or individual produces liquids for another company to then rebrand it however they want to.


So why does this happen and what’s wrong with it?

The fundamental reason it happens is because most companies in the industry don’t actually have an in house mixologist and therefore are in essence reselling a product they have purchased themselves. This creates a sense of distrust as amidst the growing concerns with the health issues linked with vaping now, it almost creates a sensed lack of accountability to the actual e-liquid brands. That is because they themselves cannot truly verify they are overtly aware of each and every single ingredient that goes into their product(s). So how can you truly call a product safe if you haven’t produced it yourself? That remains one of the most pressing questions in the current vaping industry.

What do consumers deserve to know? Well at WISP we have mentioned before that we are although relatively new, very uniquely placed within the industry. This is because we are one of the very few who bring a sense of originality to our work as we have our own team let alone an individual in- house mixing team who have previously worked for some of the biggest names in the world of top quality e-liquids.

Therefore the purpose of this piece today, is to ensure that you are aware of the company you are buying from and also what the procedures that company works with. For example do they admit to whether they make their own products? Do they claim to make the product themselves? How do you know?

These are maybe just some thoughts for you guys to ponder as vapers having to read headlines related to “toxic liquids” *sigh*.