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Founded in 2019, Wisp have since forged a reputation as one of the UK’s most coveted, reliable E-liquid and cannbidioil providers. We supply hemp-derived products like oils and creams, and have since began distributing E-liquids to customers. Not only do we provide a tropical blend of flavours that suit the taste buds of even the most selective customers, but we do so at competitive prices.

What really makes us different, however, is the fact that we aren’t a group of researchers and herbal bores who make a product based on purely scientific results. We are a group of former smokers and highly creative mixologists who share a passion for wanting to help others join our mission in giving up smoking. It’s a wonderful feeling, and incredibly rewarding, but very difficult to achieve.

Wisp makes it considerably easier for you to do just that, by providing you with a supremely healthier alternative. Our products can help you leave cigarettes in the past, to aid you in pursuing a brighter, more fruitful future, that allows you to continue to indulge in appetizing smokes throughout the day. Remember, all this is whilst you neglect harmful chemicals from entering your blood stream.

At Wisp, we understand how difficult it is to stop smoking, and how it feels to try and simultaneously fall short. Our objective is to help inspire others who seek the same goal as we once did, by providing them with a form of escapism that we didn’t have. When you understand this and unearth all of the reasoning’s behind why we’ve created Wisp, you understand that we are not your average E-liquid company, rather, we are one of you.

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