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About Us

Founded in 2019, we are a brand new company that has just landed in the E-Cigarette market. We are a team of ex smokers and highly talented Mixologists who are experienced in producing some of the most premium e-liquids to ever hit the market.

At WISP, we promulgate the importance of building a vaping community. This is because we most of all understand the hardships that are entangled with quitting the habit that is smoking. However our ethos is that if we can produce nothing but quality liquids and provide brilliant advice in which mods and tanks compliment our specific liquids, to our clientele, smoking will be a habit of the past we hope.

Our aim is to create a consistency in liquid quality for all, produce a range of products hitting every last portion of the market (so there is a liquid for everyone) and lastly ensuring we actually produce the so-called “all day vape liquids” rather than just say it.

Unlike many companies on the market, we do not white label any of our products as we make every last drop in house in our clean room environment.

This means our products are genuinely ours from our branding all the way down to our production and filling.


What does WISP really mean?

Well - researched and educated on what components guarantee all our liquids are brilliant in taste.


Intricacy - our mixologist’s take genuine pride and interest in testing and undergoing a rigorous process of trial and error until our whole team is happy with the consistency of our creation.


Subtly - instead of creating super sweet and coil burning liquids made from cheap ingredients, all our resources and ingredients are gourmet and top quality. Therefore we have truly perfected a subtle but potent range that will provide you with puffs upon puffs full of flavour.


Perfection - we aim to provide premium liquids that can be summed up in one word! PERFECTION.



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