What are E-liquids?

Vaporisers and E-liquids are like bread and butter: they work in tandem to give you a feeling of intense euphoria and relaxation. E-liquids are the substance that you fill your vaping pen with, in order to give the artificial smoke it produces taste and flavour and, if chosen, its nicotine count.

Note: At Wisp, we strongly believe and reiterate that vaporisers should be charged with trusted battery sources. Please ensure you follow these guidelines for a safe and smooth experience.

Once your vape pen is sufficiently charged and then activated, the charged battery pack will provide the heat energy to vaporise the liquid, which will then convert it into smooth vapour smoke when inhaled. This means that vaping offers the same feeling of content and satisfaction that smoking a cigarette does, but without any of the drawbacks and health issues.

So, why pick Wisp E-liquids?

Founded in 2019, Wisp have since forged a reputation as one of the UK’s most coveted, reliable E-liquid and cannbidioil providers. Our quality has never been questioned. For reference, here are a few testimonials from customers:

  1. "By far the greatest custard I have tried in 'ohm my custard'. The best thing being my coils last way longer with Wisp's liquids than any other brand." (James Kilman)
  2. "Besides the outstanding service I always get from these guys, there Red Wisp flavour as a menthol lover is an absolute game changer must try guys!" (Simon Kingi)
  3. "I was new to vaping and the support I got from the team at Wisp over the phone was incredible. I have tried most of there flavours but the Forbidden Fruits is now my go to vape." (Julie Potters)

Testimonials are the purest forms of authenticity: further proof that our brand and our image is as credible as it is affordable. To find out more about us, click here. Otherwise, have a browse through our wide range of products, comprising of an exotic infusion of flavours.

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